Amberg Navigator consists of two components: the Amberg Tunnel software for defining the project in the office and the Amberg Navigator Tablet software for use in the tunnel. 

The tunnel design definition in the Amberg Tunnel Office software has been completed, so now it is time to define your Amberg Navigator measurement tasks to be carried out in the tunnel. The Amberg Navigator measurement tasks are defined in the office and transferred to the tablet either manually or via cloud sync.  

The measurement tasks arranged in the Amberg tablet software are based on project-specific applications and provide fully automatic control of a total station, laser scanner, or Leica MultiStation, depending on the measurement task selected.

All you need is one single tablet for the guidance and control of an entire tunnel project. Optimise your tunnel construction with predefined measurement tasks in Amberg Navigator to reduce cost and time expenditures. 

Learn how to set up the desired tasks and how easy the Amberg Navigator tablet can be operated by the tunnelling crew on-site via touchscreen.