The Amberg Group is a unique knowledge, engineering and technology provider of logistics and infrastructures for smart cities, hubs and networks through innovative combinations of above and underground space usage.

Together with a network of strong, competent and dedicated partners the Amberg Group develops new products and services. These products and services cover in a digitalized manner the entire life cycle of the infrastructures and all engineering and technology aspects.

Through unique and outstanding solutions in these segments the Amberg Group has established itself as a leading partner in this network. In-house developments, start-ups and JV are the preferred methodes for implementing new business models.

Amberg Group Flyer

Mission statement


  • We are courageous, open minded and consider challenges as chances.
  • We have confidence in each other. That’s why we strive to be respectful, honest, reliable and stick to the rules.
  • An attractive environment, in which we feel at ease, enhances the interest in the work and the performance. This also includes that we work in different companies and at different locations and consider it as positive and enriching.


  • We interact with each other in manner, which mirrors fairness and mutual appreciation.
  • We want to rejoice in excellent work performance and thus strive for high standards in quality and sustainability of our work.
  • Our leading persons are authentic, reliable and live leadership.


  • We collaborate in an un-prejudiced and sensitive manner, because we know that everyone tries to give his/her best and to behave openly and trustfully.
  • When collaborating we focus on the issue and not on positions, personal needs or the status.
  • The overall performance and the success of the team come first and not the success of the individual.

Customer orientation

  • We orientate our activities towards the need and the satisfaction of our customers.
  • We want to assure success together with our customers and our partners – and the personal contact reflecting respect, openness and appreciation is the base for this.


  • Innovations and adjustments to changes help us to master the future and they are of high significance for us.
  • For our customers we develop with engagement and in a risk daring manner new products and services


  • Our communication is promptly, open, transparent and fair to all stakeholders.
  • We use all available technical means yet favour communication with direct personal interaction.