Tunnelling professionals worldwide trust in our innovative and reliable Amberg Tunnel surveying solution supporting tunnelling in all construction phases.

Amberg Tunnel is the trusted solution for some of the largest tunnels ever built embracing the ease of use and "real-time" as-built surveying. It combines precise measuring instruments with task-specific software to improve efficiency in tunnel projects significantly. 

A new series of Amberg Tunnel how-to videos are now available on the Amberg Technologies YouTube channel. The first three videos in the series, titled "Amberg Tunnel - First Steps & Project Creation", cover the basics, such as software installation, navigating the user interface, and an overview of the Amberg Tunnel Office project structure. The remaining seven videos explain how to create construction sites and 3D tunnel designs.  

Each video addresses a specific topic in the tunnel design creation process, such as defining a tunnel alignment, creating theoretical tunnel profiles and sections, and managing survey control points.  

New and existing Amberg Tunnel users - and those of you who would like to learn more about Amberg Tunnel - will hopefully find the content helpful and informative. The videos are short (2-5 minutes) and are best watched in the order of the playlist. The next video series will address how to define measurement tasks for Amberg Navigator tablet software. Enjoy watching!