Retaining structures play a decisive role in infrastructures. Their number is high, and their age usually is too. Particularly in countries with a large proportion of infrastructures in mountain regions, the costs of assessing the condition of retaining structures are enormous. For this reason, the research project SIBS (Safety Assessment of Existing Retaining Structures) was launched in Austria in 2016. Amberg made its contribution with its services.

In the project Safety Assessment of Existing Retaining Structures (SIBS), an alternative approach to manual inspections is pursued in which a Mobile Mapping System is used for automatic surface detection of retaining structures. Amberg Technologies has been commissioned by Graz University of Technology as an industrial partner to carry out the measurement runs.

The Mobile Mapping System from Amberg Technologies was able to implement the basic idea of the researchers. It scanned retaining structures at speeds of up to 100 km/h in several measurement runs. In this way, data on possible inclinations and deformations were quickly recorded.

From the high-quality laser scan and image data, the specialists of the Geomatics Department generated 3D point clouds for further evaluation. 

In its November issue, the magazine of the Association of Austrian Drilling, Well Construction and Foundation Engineering Companies (VÖBU) published a detailed article on the SIBS project. 

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Source of the cover picture and the picture with the point cloud: TU Graz.

Read the article here (PDF, German only)