Today, around 50,000 people move between the two major Swiss cities of Geneva and Lausanne every day. This number will double by 2030. In order to be prepared for this increased capacity, around CHF 3.8 billion will be invested in infrastructure in the "Léman 2030" project. This includes the modernisation of the Lausanne railway station. Amberg Technologies, together with its partners IGemetris Technologies and BSF Swissphoto, was commissioned to carry out the geomonitoring during the construction phase of the modernisation.

Amberg GEOvis 4.0 displays all sensor data of geomonitoring projects in a clear way.

Over the next ten years, the station's platforms will be extended by over 400 metres, a through track will be removed and three new underpasses will be built. These measures aim to increase safety, comfort as well as better and easier access to the tracks.

The joint venture of Amberg Technologies, IGemetris Technologies and BSF Swissphoto will provide the complete geomonitoring services for the client. In total, more than 40 total stations, 17 Amberg TrackControl modules and a large number of other geotechnical sensors will be used to monitor Lausanne station over the next years automatically.

17 Amberg TrackControl modules monitor the track systems in Lausanne.

The web platform Amberg GEOvis 4.0 is used for the structured presentation and efficient management of the surveillance measurements. In addition to the multitude of automatic information from sensors, data from the supplementary manual surveys on the construction site and all measurement data from the contractor's survey flow into the cloud-based software, too.

Learn more about the high flexibility of GEOvis 4.0, the Amberg GeoMonitoring services and about the project "Léman 2030".

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