Who we are

Amberg Norge AS is a subsidiary of the Swiss Amberg Group, integrated with the engineering and technology business divisions. We provide services from all companies of the Amberg Group: engineering, systems and technologies, logistics solutions and research & development.

Amberg Norge is a specialist in underground engineering as well as a technology company offering services for construction project design, consulting and technical assistance during the construction phase. Amberg Norge also provides specialist surveying and monitoring services of tunnels, slopes and rail systems. In addition, Amberg Norge offers products related to tunnel surveying, rail construction and monitoring as well as geophysical investigations in tunnels under construction.

An important function of the Norwegian branch of Amberg is to provide expert services and solutions to customers and projects based on the combination of local knowledge and the broad international underground experience of the Amberg Group.

Our expertise

Meeting your construction challenges


Engineering design for underground structures in the fields of railway, road, metro, hydropower, caverns, infrastructure and space underground, including innovative working methods such as BIM.


Systems & Technologies

The georeferenced collection and refinement of civil infrastructure information is our core area of expertise, with emphasis on tunnel surveying, underground 3D geophysical investigation, rail monitoring and track mobile mapping.


Logistic solutions

Modern analytics, 5D design, planning and technology expertise to develop and implement breakthrough solutions.


Test Gallery

Purpose built caverns, testing areas, laboratories and training rooms for research, development and full scale tests.

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From Scandinavia and around the World.

  • KVU Oslo Navet
    Amberg participated in the team with expert input on underground design and construction technology for the development of the future public transport system in and around the Capitol of Norway
  • Follobanen
    Amberg submitted key resources for the preliminary design and construction team for the TBM contract on the 20-km long Follobanen tunnel project between Oslo and Ski.
  • E39 Ålgård - Hove
    Amberg was responsible for the geology discipline in the zoning plan of the new highway E39 between Ålgård and Hove, including tunnels and rock slopes.
  • Hensettningspor Ski
    Amberg is responsible for the geology discipline in the "teknisk hovedplan" for new underground train storage facility in the Ski area.
  • Consultant services
    Consultant services were delivered to several international companies, including assistance to deliver tenders for Norwegian turnkey contracts.
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  • Follobanen – Drill and blast
    Our surveying team has supported the contractors and the client during the tunnel construction of the drill and blast contract of the Folloline project.
  • Follobanen – Innføring Oslo S
    Our surveying team has supported the contractor and the client during the tunnel construction of the Follobanen – Innføring Oslo S contract (connection of the tunnel to the Oslo Central Station) of the Folloline project.

Tunnel Seismic Prediction (TSP) to plan the near future

  • Rv.555 Sotrasambandet
    Two tunnel seismic predictions were carried out for Statens Vegvesen which confirmed the presence of several weakness zones ahead of faces.
  • Förbifart Stockholm
    The survey was carried out for Trafikverket from two parallel tunnels in Förbifart project, which confirmed the length of two weakness zones ahead of face and optimize the production planning.
  • Rogfast
    A team from the Norwegian Road Administration was trained to use the purchased TSP system continuously during the excavation of the world’s longest and deepest sub-sea road-tunnel.
  • Ryfast – Hundvag tunnel
    The TSP survey discovered a weakness zone close ahead of face and ensured the uninterrupted excavation through the zone. Results were presented at the World Tunnelling Conference 2017.
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