Zurich's Northern Bypass

Commissioning of the 3rd tunnel tube of the Gubrist tunnel

The commissioning of the 3rd Gubrist tunnel tube on 20.04.2022 tube was the climax of years of hard and dedicated work. The 3.3 km long tunnel 3rd tunnel tube is a second great milestone on the Northern Bypass Zurich, after the cut-and-cover tunnel Katzensee.

Amberg Engineering has been in charge of planning the tunnel since 2005. There is no second tunnel in Switzerland with an excavation diameter of almost 16m.

On 15th April the “Tunnelfest" / Open day allowed all interested persons to experience the inside of this state-of-the-art road tunnel., sporting Switzerland's currently biggest diameter. We received many interesting visitors in the ventilation stations and discussed many details of this powerful ventilation system.

"It was an excellent opportunity to get to know this unique infrastructure," says our project manager Nicole Arndt.

Amberg Engineering worked on this challenging project for almost two decades, practically since the very beginning of this great effort. A great experience!
"Together with the colleagues of ILF and WSP, we developed the ventilation and smoke detection system. We are now proceeding with the modernization of the two existing tunnel tubes", states our head of ventilation and safety, Dr. Marco Bettelini.

If you want to learn more, please look at a recent paper we presented at the conference ISAVFT in Brighton: Ventilation concepts for the Northern Ring Road Zurich, by Marco Bettelini and Ralf Wetzel, Consortium GAWI (ILF, Amberg Engineering & WSP) in 2022.