Amberg is involved in numerous committees and working groups of the ITA in order to strengthen know-how and share experience. The networks also play a major role in the creation of innovations, novelties and international standards.

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Oliver Schneider | Member of the Activity Group Monitoring

Thomas Dickmann | Co-Chair of the Activity Group Investigation

The aim of ITAtech is to provide platform for engineers, manufacturers, contractors and suppliers to draw global experience and expertise together. This includes all processes related to underground construction such as investigation, excavation, support, lining, waterproofing, monitoring and design.



Antonia Cornaro | Co-Chair

At ITACUS we believe in an urban underground future. The urban underground space in our experience is an often overlooked asset of cities. An asset that could play vital role in the quest many cities are undertaking to combat lack of space. Cities need space for housing, for infrastructure but also for public spaces. As demands on cities grow in terms for spatial requirements, they also have to cope with climate change, in terms of both mitigation and adaptation and need to become more resilient in terms of natural disasters. The urban underground can be solution to lot of these issues.



Felix Amberg | Representative

Michael Kompatscher | Member

The committee for education and training was established in 2007 in order to promote education and training throughout the tunneling and underground space association and assists its coordination.



Michael Kompatscher | Member

ITA-COSUF is the centre of excellence for world-wide exchange of information and know-how regarding safety and security of underground facilities in operation.

Young members


Jasmin Amberg | Vice Chair

The main goal of the ITyoung members is to be technical network platform for young professionals and students in the tunnelling and underground space industry.


Working group 20, Urban problems, underground solutions

Andrew Bourget | Official Swiss representative

The group's objective is to create an overview of the typical challenges of urban city planning and the solutions which are offered by the underground space.


Working group 21, Life cycle asset management

Dr. Marco Bettelini | Official Swiss representative

The group's focus is the preparation of guidelines for the owners of tunnels to support the life cycle asset management.


Working group 22, In-formation modelling in tunnelling

Magdalena Stelzer | Official Swiss representative

Building Information Modelling (BIM) systems allow to deliver quality engineering to owners and contractors. The process requires skills, tools and robust procedures. The group's goal is to share experiences with BIM as working tool and to implement exceptional standards and guidelines which are driven by the building industry.