TSP 603 wireless is a next generation technology that suceeds the world's most successful family of Tunnel Seismic Prediction systems. It combines the advantages of its predecessors with the most advanced technology bringing you one step closer to digital transformation in underground construction.

Modern tunnel builders can now benefit from the operation of the new TSP 603 wireless system in conjunction with the latest software version of Amberg TSP Ease 2.0.

Besides the highlights below, watch our  product movie and contact your local dealer or directly us at support.geophysics(at)amberg.ch.

  • Each device with integrated processor including highest precision of time sync and WiFi-data transfer to tablet
  • The autonomous TSP router always ensuring a reliable WiFi network
  • The hardware setup gives a complete overview of the status of all devices and network
  • Easy installation of redesigned and very lightweight 3-component receiver with integrated high-performance e-Compass
  • Fully visualised geometry editor enables safe and comprehensive position entries
  • The direct link to the Amberg Cloud makes your data transfer safe and straightforward - from the tunnel to your premises.