Alaa Alramahi​
Head of tunnel survey​ - Joseph Gallagher Ltd. UK​



"I have been using Amberg Tunnel for years.​

It’s simple to use, especially in 3D as it’s very easy to extract the desired information, easy to check, and easy to redesign.​

The reporting tool is clearly structured. You build the as-built slowly with daily input, though at the end you lose nothing. You get the full big picture. The project can be divided into sections depending on the information you require.​

I will certainly keep using and recommending Amberg Tunnel in all my future underground projects."

Ralph Perez​
Owner/ President  New York Geomatics, Inc.​


"Amberg's superb method of generating robust deliverables is a feature our clients consider priceless. Its data-analysis process is user-friendly, straightforward, and intuitive. ​

The magic of Amberg is its ability to automatically populate fields with rich metadata, greatly easing our workflow. ​

So far, we have mainly used it for combining and comparing 3-D as-built pointcloud data with design elements. We're pleased to have incorporated Amberg into our processes, and eagerly anticipate exploring more of its by-product applications."​

Viktor Setnicky​
Survey Engineer​ - SkyMaps r.s.o.​


"Our company has been using Amberg Tunnel as a professional top solution for under ground measurements and evaluations at the longest highway tunnel in Slovakia and some other tunnel projects.​

The Amberg Tunnel software is extremely efficient and reliable. With perfect support and meaningful reports, we are able to produce the results as fast as never before.​

We are happy to have choose Amberg Tunnel so years ago. It helps us to stay ahead of our competition."​