Tech trends for 2023

Underground Data Center

"Construction’s use of Internet of Things (IoT), robotics and machine learning – as well as AI – all lead to the same thing: lots more data.

As our use of data burgeons, so does our need for data centres to store it in. The challenge is that these data centres require energy, both to run their hardware and to cool that hardware, significant amounts of water for cooling, and land, sometimes close to city centres, where space is both precious and costly", writes Kristina Smith in a recent edition of Tunnelling Journal.

"One solution is to go underground, freeing up land at ground level for other uses and potentially reducing energy demands for cooling. A pilot project run by the Swiss Centre for Applied Underground Technology (SCAUT) is demonstrating how that could work – with some clever ideas about how the waste heat created by data centres could be used for other purposes."

Amberg Engineering has been involved in this exciting and well thought out prototype project from the start. Other partners include Datwyler IT Infra, Siemens, and GEOEG.

Read more in the recent interview in Tunnelling Journal with Veronika Petschen and Antonia Cornaro.


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