Air freight logistics with robots and drones, smart construction logistics and hydrogen mobility: these are the topics of the three projects nominated for the 26th Swiss Logistics Award.

The award ceremony of the Swiss Logistics Awards and the Lean & Green Awards 2021 took place online on Wednesday, June 16, 2021.

Runner-Up are Post CH AG and Amberg Loglay AG: Smart construction logistics protect the environment and the budget.

By combining digital planning data and operational construction logistics, Post CH AG and Amberg Loglay AG aim to make construction sites in inner cities with tight spaces more environmentally friendly and efficient. Their smart construction logistics solution ensures a continuous and software-controlled process. The model-based process control proactively avoids bottlenecks in real-time with what is happening on the construction site. The digital platform developed by Amberg Loglay is used to plan and control relevant delivery data, the associated unloading equipment and the space required for storage and assembly. Pre-assembly and modular construction are carried out in an upstream consolidation warehouse, thus massively reducing complexity on the construction site and avoiding disruptions. Direct journeys to the construction site are reduced by up to 60 percent and the bridging journeys between the construction site and the consolidation warehouse are carried out in a noise- and CO2-neutral manner thanks to electric trucks. Post CH AG and Amberg Loglay AG consider smart construction logistics to be forward-looking and an integral part of the smart city.

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