We are pleased to be able to support the "Engineers Without Borders" with our sponsorship of this very important water supply project in Khema, India. A functioning water supply is crucial for this remote region to have access to water even in winter when the streams are freezing.

Engineers Without Borders Switzerland (IngOG+), together with Himalaya Help and Care, a Luxembourg-based non-governmental organisation, and the local Navikarana, is committed to building and operating a robust system of drinking and process water supply for the mountain village of Khema in the Himalayan region of Ladakh (India). 

The project team was able to establish valuable partnerships with the local organisation "Navikarana Trust", "Hill Rooftop" and "Himalaya Help and Care" with local representatives. An evaluation trip in the summer of 2021 brought many insights into the current situation and allowed helpful measurements and exchanges with the local people, which are still maintained today through regular exchanges. Thanks to the cooperation with Hill Rooftop, solar panels were delivered to the village and installed at the beginning of 2023. Since then, drinking water has been pumped directly from the deep spring into the village of Khema. A big first milestone has thus been reached! The next step is to build a solar-heated storage reservoir to make the water supply even more reliable.

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