Visit our booth H1.040 at INTERGEO 2019 and see how we make tunnel inspection smart by using artificial intelligence for semi-automatic damage detection. We look forward to showing you the digital future of tunnel surveying. 

We constantly strive for innovation and progress. We develop our products and services in close cooperation with universities and as part of international research programs. Our goal is to use new solutions such as intelligent sensors and state-of-the-art carriers to make the workflows of your projects more efficient and bring them into the digital age.  

These are our highlights at INTERGEO 2019:

Amberg Inspection – The future of tunnel inspection

Digitalization will make inspection processes easier and more efficient with the goal to reduce inspection costs and optimizing the sustainability of an infrastructure. The tunnel inspection cloud solution will be using artificial intelligence for a semi-automatic feature detection which will increase efficiency and productivity.

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The IMS family: Reduces maintenance costs and accelerates the surveying process

The Amberg IMS product family provides highly accurate information on track geometry with the highest working speeds. The latest version of the software Amberg Rail allows users even more flexibility in the configuration and digital linking of the individual Amberg system solutions for railway infrastructure surveying. 

The software is the core of the further development of the IMS systems at Amberg. With the second generation of Inertial Measuring Units (IMU) that can be used on the systems, the sensor technology has also been optimized further and the weight reduced.

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Amberg TrackControl – The seamless monitoring of railway tracks

The latest sensor generation of the monitoring solution TrackControl is quickly installed with flexible plug connections and innovative magnet mounting and can be extended up to a total length of 340 meters. The system monitors all safety-relevant track parameters such as superelevation, twist and vertical versine - regardless of the weather conditions and is updated in an interval of one minute.

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Press release: Our innovations for INTERGEO 2019