The BLS Board of Directors will propose Yvette Körber and Kurt Bobst as new members of the Board of Directors at the Annual General Meeting on May 11, 2021. They are to succeed Dr. Rudolf Stämpfli and Josef Küttel.

New addition to the BLS Board of Directors: Mrs. Yvette Körber

Yvette Körber brings many years of extensive expert knowledge in logistics, construction, infrastructure and digitalization. The 48-year-old entrepreneur has been involved in the development and founding of numerous companies - including "Cargo sous terrain", where she is also a member of the Board of Directors.

As CEO and board member of Amberg Loglay AG and Loglay AG, the business economist has 25 years of international management experience. In addition to Viviana Buchmann, Stefanie Zimmermann and Renate Amstutz, Yvette Körber will be the fourth woman to join the Board of Directors of BLS AG.


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BLS is the strongest independent private railroad in Switzerland and operates on behalf of seven cantons. BLS sees itself as an innovative and ambitious mobility provider. In addition to buses and ships, BLS operates a 420 kilometer rail network in Switzerland. It transports its guests, comfortably by car train through the Lötschbergand Simplon tunnels. In over 500 small and large projects, it maintains this rail network, renews it and continues to expand it for better public transport connections.

BLS continues to systematically implement the thrusts of the corporate strategy drawn up in 2018. In it, it lays the foundation for a sustainable future and responds to the challenges in the environment of mobility in general and in public transport in particular. These challenges include rising customer requirements, increasing competition in passenger and freight transport, and changes in work processes due to the digital transformation. BLS is also feeling increasing cost pressure from the public sector. In this exciting momentum, Yvette Körber will be actively involved in implementing this strategy.


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