The application of shotcrete is one of the essential tasks in conventional tunnelling. There is a great interest in determining the thickness/quantity of the applied shotcrete layer over the entire surface and not only at discrete points as in the conventional drilling measurement method for the tunnelling contractor. In addition, the measurement results should be available immediately so that any under-spraying can be corrected in the same excavation cycle.

Amberg's recently launched task Layer Thickness Scan (which is part of Amberg Navigator) delivers the layer thickness calculation within 5 minutes! Amberg Navigator connects with the total station and laser scanner, guides you through the measurement workflow, and displays intuitive 2D and 3D visualisation of the results. Final documentation and volume calculation are available in Amberg Tunnel (module Tunnelscan Plus).

Follow these intuitive steps to calculate your layer thickness or look at our video.

1.    Position total station (automatic)
2.    Position scanner (automatic – APM)
3.    Capture first scan (reference scan)
4.    Shotcrete spraying
5.    Position scanner (automatic – APM)
6.    Capture second scan (comparison scan)
7.    Analyse results directly on the tablet
8.    Take corrective measures, if required

Do you need to apply just the right amount of shotcrete?
Get in touch with us and talk about cost savings thanks to the accurate shotcrete application!