Launch celebration of the safety tunnel (SiSto) Isla Bella

The tunnel advance can begin.

IG Vial (Pini Group, Amberg Engineering) has taken started the construction management of the SiSto Isla Bella and for the subsequent rehabilitation of the Isla Bella and Plazzas tunnels along the important San Bernardino route, on behalf of the Federal Roads Office FEDRO.

The site management consists of Nikolaos Paschonis (BL), Sabine von Büren (CBL deputy/BL) and Claudio Isler (CBL).

Last year the pre-cut was made, and the various installation sites set up.

Tunnelling can begin with the blessing of miners' Patron Saint on January 26, 2023, with the opening ceremony and the blessing of Santa Barbara. At the new construction site, our Sabine von Büren, as local construction manager, presented the Holy Barbara to the construction site on January 26, 2023, for the celebration.

The construction management IG Vial (Pini Group, Amberg Engineering) is proud to have made a small contribution by sponsoring the Barbara statue.

Since January 30th, 2023, the soft ground drive (pipe umbrella) has been in progress.

Many thanks to everyone involved in the project for the very good cooperation so far! Keep it up for the upcoming challenges!