Italy here we come!

The Tunnel Boring Machine Lilia is ready to go!

Successful factory acceptance of the first tunnel boring machine (TBM) for the construction lot Brenner H41 Sillschlucht- Pfons!

In December 2022 we were on site at Herrenknecht AG in Schwanau, Germany, as planer of the JV. Together with representatives of the contractor Implenia / Webuild, the client BBT and the local construction supervision we were able to inspect the newly built TBM Lilia first hand and commission her.

As stated by contractor Webuild: “The TBM named "Lilia" is ready to start to mechanically excavate one of the longest sections of the main tunnels of the Brenner Base Tunnel on Austrian territory, after having successfully completed the Factory Acceptance Test, the final customary test, at the Herrenknecht workshops at Schwanau, in Germany. It is one of the two TBMs (Tunnel Boring Machines) that will be used to build Lot H41 Gola del Sill-Pfons. With its twin sister "Ida", with a cutting-head over 10 metres in diameter, it will face approximately 8.2 km separating the assembly cavern, at the southern end of the lot.

Lot H41 foresees a section of the Brenner Base Tunnel in Austria and consists in the construction of the railway from Gola del Sill near the city of Innsbruck in the north, to the town of Pfons located further south. It will excavate 22.5 km of main tunnels and 38 transversal underground passages with an overall length of approximately 2.3 km. The tunnels that have been already excavated in the previous lots will also be lined, and also the underground emergency stop at Innsbruck, the access window, the explorative tunnel and other portions of secondary tunnels.

The construction project of Lot H41 started in January 2021. Currently, the excavation activities of the assembly caverns, present in the emergency stop of Innsbruck and building the partition wall of the interconnection tunnels are being carried out.”

We are all looking forward to working together in the future! Italy, here we come!

Representing Amberg Engineering at the TBM factory acceptance test: Nedim Radoncic

On the part of ARGE: Manuel Massenbauer

On the part of local construction supervision: Anton Priller, Tobias Zaberni

On behalf of BBT: Christoph Waldhör, Ewald Rass

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