The Hagerbach Test Gallery is a unique facility where engineers and scientists have been developing and testing tunnel construction techniques for almost 50 years. Founded 1970 as a research and development facility for tunnel construction it has become an extraordinary and inspiring location for specialists from all over the world using its infrastructure as research laboratory and training camp.

The location of the VSH in Flums close to Sargans in the Glarus Alps is no coincidence. The Glarus thrust is a major thrust fault in the Alps of eastern Switzerland. Thrust faults of this kind are not uncommon in many mountain chains around the world, but the Glarus thrust is a well accessible example and has as such played an important role in the development of geological knowledge on mountain building. For this reason the area was declared a geotope, a geologic UNESCO world heritage site, under the name "Swiss Tectonic Arena Sardona".

Today the underground network expands on approximately 5.2 km length attracting more than 10'000 visitors a year!  An interesting visitor program, featuring tours and hosting third-party events – from classical concerts to exclusive fashion shows – means that the research facility is also open to guests.

Immerse yourself into this fantastic world underground. It's worth a visit!

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