WHERE Berlin, Germany
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The following topics (working titles) are planned:

  • Integration of a 3D laser scanner on a robot platform for data acquisition of tracks in stop-&-go operation.
  • Routing of magnetic railway lines using the example of the Bögl transport system
  • NXO-NET - Review, status quo and outlook
  • LIGHT ROOM TESTING - Measurement and evaluation of point clouds in the track environment with the Krabbe small measurement vehicle
  • Innovative verification to determine the real clearance requirements of rail vehicles
  • Use of clearance scanner data for digital condition assessment of the railway substructure and vegetation detection
  • BIM and traffic systems
  • From Drones2BIM to X2BIM - aerial surveys alone are not enough!
  • RhoMAT - Automatic Rough Levelling for Slab Track - A Development History
  • Park Railways in Germany - Technical and Legal Aspects