Amberg Group hold a Masterclass on Wednesday, 17th March 2021, during the _xCH21 Digital Construction Event, with the topic "Digital twins of the built environment as a prerequisite for just-in-time production". Our experts gave a presentation in order to exchange experiences and share innovative ideas on how Amberg is going to shape the digital future.

Amberg Group Masterclass Details:

The built environment - which makes up the greater part of our cities - can be better managed digitally. To do this, it must be known and digitised; 3D images, inspection, object recognition, BIM models, input for operation and maintenance and sensor-based logistics optimisation. 

RetroBim as a basis for recording the built environment. (P. Dohmen) 

Digital Twin: Developments and Use in the Hagerbach Test Gallery (M. Kompatscher) 

Construction Site Logistics: From BIM Data to Just-in-Time Delivery (F. Wiegand / I. Schwager) 

The recording is in without translation.