As part of the handover of management to the next generation, there are various changes within the Amberg Group.

The shares of the holding company Amberg Group AG and the associated top management of the Group will remain in the hands of the Amberg family in the future. The third generation of the family, daughters Jasmin and Helen Amberg, will join the Board of Directors under the leadership of Felix Amberg.

In the individual companies of the Group, the two subsidiaries will also assume individual mandates on the boards of directors, each of which will continue to be chaired by Felix Amberg. The Amberg Group companies will remain under the leadership of their respective independent management teams.

Amberg Group AG

From 1 January 2024, Felix Amberg will focus on managing the companies of the Amberg Group as Chairman of the Board of Directors and will hand over the position of operational CEO of Amberg Group AG to Christoph Schaffer. Christoph Schaffer will also assume the position of CFO of Amberg Group AG and Group-wide.

Christoph Schaffer has extensive experience in management and finance. He has a degree in business administration and an MBA in general management. Before joining Amberg, he was most recently Group CFO and a member of the Executive Board at the international company Création Baumann AG.

Amberg Technologies AG

Johannes Müller has taken over the position of CEO of Amberg Technologies AG as of 1 December 2023. He succeeds Svein Vatslid. The Board of Directors decided in favour of the change due to the strategic focus of Amberg Technologies AG in the coming years.

Due to his previous position as CEO of Dätwyler IT Infra AG and his earlier activities, Johannes Müller brings important experience and expertise to the role and is also very familiar with the main markets of Amberg Technologies AG.

Amberg Engineering Brno a.s.

After 22 years as CEO at the helm of Amberg Engineering Brno a.s., Vlastimil Horák is handing over the reins to a new management team at the turn of 2023/2024. From 1 January 2024, the long-standing employees Ing Lumír Kliš (Chairman), Ing Jiří Rožek and Ing Alice Žíttová will form the Management Board of Amberg Engineering Brno a.s. V Horák will continue to be available to the company in an advisory capacity with his extensive experience.

Amberg Infra 7D AG

Amberg Infra 7D has been operated as a joint venture between Amberg Technologies AG and Amberg Engineering AG for around two years in order to better bundle the relevant expertise. On 1 January 2024, this JV will be transformed into Amberg Infra 7D AG. Michael Buri, who was already responsible for managing the Amberg Infra 7D JV, will assume the role of CEO.