Consistent construction logistics means looking at the entire supply chain far beyond the perimeter of the construction site. The pRED Roche laboratory in Basel shows how the construction site can be supplied in a more sustainable, cleaner and more coordinated manner.

Aerial View of the pRED Construction Site

F. Hoffmann La Roche is currently building one of the largest and most modern laboratory buildings in the world in record time in Basel. For the implementation of a continuous supply chain, the software and conception of Amberg Loglay AG are used: from the conception of a consolidation center, through a digital planning of the supply and disposal chain using BIM2 logistics to software-supported material disposition on the construction site, this project trusts the services of Amberg Loglay AG. Read in the link how the Swiss Post is bringing operational construction site logistics into being and becoming even greener:

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important on construction sites. After all, the world's largest industry contributes up to 13% of GDP and as such releases an equally large ecological footprint. 
The digitisation of the end-to-end supply chain, in which synergies of all stakeholders are used, and the implementation of modern technology such as the use of an electric truck for all construction site deliveries, not only means a sustainable reduction in CO2 emissions, but also brings a noise calming to the neighbourhood. Last December, for example, 15 trips a day were switched from diesel to electric drive at the Roche pRED construction site.
If one counts about 40% of construction processes are of logistical nature, logistics on large construction sites can play a major role in the "Green City" of tomorrow. Amberg Loglay AG is working on numerous Swiss construction projects to make the delivery flow on construction sites as efficient as possible through early planning and consistent implementation.