Breakthrough of safety tunnel Cholfirst tunnel

Exciting milestone reached

We are delighted with the milestone reached at the Cholfirst Tunnel safety gallery. We at Amberg Engineering AG have been in charge of the project since the beginning of the project planning as the client support for the FEDRO (Federal Swiss Road Administration). An exciting cooperation with all project participants lies behind us. Above all, the geology of the tunnel repeatedly caused concern. Now we continue with the interior lining of the safety tunnel, where there are further exciting challenges ahead.

«On Tuesday morning, July 11, 2023, the breakthrough of the safety gallery of the Cholfirst tunnel in Flurlingen was celebrated. In hot summer weather, there was warm applause for the miners when they pierced through the last few centimeters of rock face at the north portal of the 1,200 meter long tunnel with the pointed drill,” reported our client.

A big Thanks and recognition for the strong performance of the site management from the IG PTG team, the geologist team Dr von Moos AG, the environmental construction support from AFRY, the contractor Implenia, and of course the FEDRO, can be stated from our Project manager’s side.

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