On 15 March it will take place again, the Engineers' Day. Amberg Engineering shares the enthusiasm for the idea of such a day with the two initiators Daniel Löhr and Christian Vils. The company therefore supports the 2020 event as an active partner. This role includes actively promoting the day as well as multiplying the common message.

Every day, engineers make an important contribution to the development of technology, nature and society. They are able to create sound solutions for a multitude of today's problems in the above-mentioned areas.

To meet the challenges of the future, more engineers are needed to cope with these complex problems. To make the achievements of the profession visible, the Engineers' Day was introduced as an effective and comprehensive instrument.

The goal of consciously promoting young talent is to be achieved through courageous communication of the projects, research and work carried out. As a visual element of this announcement, all engineers wear a light blue accessory for this special occasion.

The promotion of young talent is also a top priority for Amberg Engineering. For this reason, the company is an active partner of the Engineers' Day 2020.

Find out everything about the idea of the Engineers' Day here and plan your visit to an event.