At the end of February, the first blasts for the safety gallery began at the Rofla tunnel in the canton of Graub√ľnden. The project management department at Amberg Engineering supports the client in all aspects of the project. Both in the planning and in the implementation, the many years of experience of Amberg Engineering comes into play.

Everything is ready for the construction of the safety gallery Rofla.

The A13 national road makes its way in a picturesque setting from the Grisons capital Chur over a distance of 80 kilometres towards San Bernardino. The route is accompanied by deep gorges, mountains and the River Rhine. Some tunnels along the road are older and do not meet today's safety requirements. For this reason, a safety gallery and other operating and safety installations are necessary.

Amberg Engineering, with its many years of expertise in project management, is responsible for client assistance and acts as client representative. This means that in addition to organising the project, Amberg Engineering is also responsible for visualisation, financing and scheduling. Our team of experts always pursues the goal of achieving the most punctual and cost-efficient project completion possible for the client.

Saint Barbara, patron saint of the miners, is blessed during the ceremony.

Blasting work began in the Rofla tunnel in mid-February. A small ceremony was held during the first blasting, with speeches by the contractor and the ASTRA Project Manager and the blessing of Saint Barbara. The new safety tunnel is 1041 metres long and runs parallel to the existing tunnel. If the tunnel does not yet have emergency exits, there will in the future be self-rescue facilities every 150 metres. The excavation of the safety tunnel will take about a year. This will be followed by interior work and construction of the operating and safety equipment. The safety tunnel will go into operation at the end of 2022.