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Project description

The tunnel corresponds the highest security standards

Between the two tubes runs a exploration shaft. The shaft will give answers to the geology. It will help to reduce constructions cost and time.

Amberg is responsible for different phase of the design, from the basic design over to the final design. Also, we held the geotechnical site supervision on the Austrian side.

Press Release

Project Details

Direct railway link between Austria and Italy Lenght of the Brenner Base Tunnel:

  • 55 km between Innsbruck (A) and Fortezza (I)
  • 64 km incl. railway bypass Innsbruck
  • 230 km of tunnel system

Max. overburden:

  •  1.800 m Inclination: 4.0 ‰ - 6.7‰ 
  • 2 single-track railway tubes 
  • 1 exploratory gallery 
  • 4 access tunnels 
  • 3 emergency stopping stations 
  • Cross passages every 333 m