Who we are

Amberg Infraestructuras is a subsidiary company of the SwissAmberg Group, being integrated in its engineering department.

Amberg Infraestructuras is a leading international company in the underground construction business offering services for construction project design, consulting as well as technical assistance during the construction phase.

The Amberg infrastructure design engineers are highly qualified in offering clients innovative, safe and efficient solutions for their projects. Our state-of-the-art solutions in design provide reliable calculations of the underground structures, tunnel lining and ventilation. Amberg provides services in all stages of project design: from feasibility studies and basic design to detail design. During the construction phase, Amberg works side by side with the clients to ensure the good execution of the project.

Our services

Amberg helps and works closely with its clients from the beginning of a project until the job is done. Amberg offers a wide range of services, from planning and design, to services under construction and operation. Amberg will help you develop your project in a safe, sustainable and efficient manner.

Planning and consulting

  • Planning and  strategy
  • Informative Studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Geological and geotechnical studies
  • Risk assessment
  • Scanning of tunnels


  • Preliminary design
  • Basic design
  • Detail design
  • Bidding design
  • Construction design
  • Alignments
  • BIM Projects

Project Management

  • Project Management
  • Monitoring
  • STP Monitoring
  • Site supervision and management
  • Technical assistance in sites
  • Consulting

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Amberg is a pioneer applying BIM technology in the field of underground spaces, in projects with tunnels, shafts and caverns, both in the Spanish market and internationally.

Likewise, Amberg Infraestructuras put at the service of the clients highly qualified experts in the fields of geology, construction technologies, logistics, construction materials technology, project management and organization.

Systems & Technology

Amberg is a world leader in technological solutions applied to underground works, offering our customers innovative and reliable products, as well as specific services for railway topography, tunnels, tunnel seismic and geomonitoring.

Amberg railway

Topography and scanning services applied to railways, meeting the highest standards of quality and reliability


TSP – Tunnel Seismic Prediction

Specially designed for underground construction, TSP's outstanding advantages help you stay ahead of your project objectives


Personalized services

We put our experience at our Client’s disposal offering personalized services.

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How we work

The company is certified in the ISO 9001, 14001 and 166002 management systems.

Together with the clients and his representatives, our engineers analyze the feasibility of a project evaluating its possible results.

We give great value to personalized contact with the client, whose needs, requirements and satisfaction are our main priority.

Customers and partners benefit from strong established procedures that shorten the decision-making process. We react quickly to changes in unforeseen situations or circumstances, using our extensive network of specialists.




  • Metro Sabadell; Elongation of the metro line,  FGC (Spain)
    Site management and supervision for Infraestructuras de Cataluña.
  • Metro Barcelona L9 (Spain)
    TBM Consulting for the excavation in granite conditions in the face.
  • Metro Sao Paulo L5  (Brazil)
    Engineering services, consulting and assistance during the TBM excavation. 
  • Metro Quito (Ecuador)
    Engineering services and consulting.
  • Metro Ahwaz (Irán)
    Engineering services and consuting for crossing the Ahwaz River with the TBM.
  • Harrach – Airport Metro Alger (Algeria)
    Construction design
  • Metro North Brussels (Belgium)
    preliminary design and Bidding design
  • Gottard Base Tunnel (Switzerland) 
    Detail design and Site Management
  • Ceneri  Base Tunnel (Switzerland)
    Detail design and Site Management 
  • Lyon-Turín Base Tunnel (France-Italy)
    Detail design and Site Management 
  • Brenner Base Tunnel (Austria-Italy)
    Detail design and Site Management 
  • Stuttgart 21 (Germany)
    Bidding and preliminary design.
  • Follo Line Tunnel (Norway)
    Detail design and Site Management 
  • Guadarrama  Tunnel (Spain)
    Bidding assistance for Client and consultancy
  • Pajares Tunnel (Spain)
  • Cernadilla Tunnel (Spain)
    Assistance for Site Management
  • Santa Marina Tunnel (Spain)
    Construction Design
  • Pacífico 1 – Highway para la Prosperidad (Colombia)
    idding Design
  • Puertollano Tunnel (Spain)
    Construction Design
  • Uetliberg Tunnel (Switzerland)
    Detail design and Site Management
  • ANAS DG28 (Italy)
    Construction Design
  • Vallirana Tunnel (Spain)
    TSP- Tunnel Seismic Prediction
  • Alto Maipo (Chile)
    Construction Design for project Client. 
  • Chira – Soria (Spain)
    Construction design, detail design, Supervision during execution.
  • Aguayo II (Spain)
    Preliminary design supervisión and updating
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