The solution - mastering complexity in the construction process - consolidation center and prefabrication.


Amberg Loglay AG took up the challenge together with the project team:

Amberg Loglay elaborated the logistics planning - digital, continuous and thus forming the central interface to the construction site - logistics becomes the gearbox that transfers the power of digital planning to the processes of the construction site. The BIM-based planning (model accuracy of 60mm on 60m, a precision of 99.9%!) allow to implement industrial construction methods in the execution.

In the case of pRED: the separation of production and final site. Materials are buffered across companies at one, nearby location and suitable rooms are set up for the pre-assembly and pre-fabrication of selected components. This is the first time in Switzerland that a consolidation center (KonsCenter) of this size has been used with prefabrication.

Continuously expanded from a planned 3,500m2 of storage and handling space, to 10,000m2 of combined space, the KonsCenter becomes the hub of a high-performance operation.

Volatile supply chains are stabilized, materials and components are immediately available - the result: peace and security in the construction process.

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Sources (Images and Information):

F.Hoffmann La Roche & Amberg Loglay AG