WHERE Hyderabad, India
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The Seminar will be organised by Chairman, South Central Railway center of IPWE (I) and Principal Chief Engineer, South Central  Railway, Secunderbad.            

Indian Railways is witnessing a massive up gradation and expansion of its infrastructure for higher speeds and increased axle loads. One of the ways to increase the throughput of the system is to increase the average speeds of the moving stock. The objective of this seminar, inter alia, is to discuss the following aspects.

a)      Vehicle dynamics and Track degradation

b)      Rail and wheel profiles, rail wheel interaction, contact stress and friction management  

c)       Derailment mechanism, effect of track and vehicle parameters 

d)      Effect of Track and Vehicle tolerances on Track maintainability  

e)      Rolling stock clearance- Standard practice and Importance  

f)       Track and vehicle maintenance practices and effect on safety

The second topic of the seminar will discuss the improvements  for fast paced construction.

Meet our experts from Amberg Technologies at their booth.

Please also visit our lecture held, Saturday, February 23, 2019 at 12.33 a.m. on the topic: Track maintenance concept of Northern Railway and Amberg Technologies. Speaker: Marius Schäuble, Head of Rail Systems Unit at Amberg Technologies