Georgios Alexis, a trained architect and engineer from Greece, came to Switzerland to study Computer Aided Architectural Design at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETH. He worked as an architect and computational engineer after completing his studies. In April, he joined Amberg Engineering: "This is my dream job", he says.

Georgios Alexis, the new Computational Designer at Amberg Engineering

Georgios Alexis started at Amberg Engineering in the position of Computational Designer, as he was interested in trying something new and challenging. The combination of modelling tunnels and underground structures in an international environment appealed to him in particular. "BIM modelling and digitalisation, the perfect position for me". 

How was it to start your new job during all the Corona troubles?  

"I was interviewed for the job in December, accepted it pre-Corona in January and was to begin in April. And that meant starting work full-time in the home office." 

How does it work so far? 

"Every day, I am in touch with my supervisor Alejandro Garcia. It's a really good collaboration and I am truly impressed by that. I also had no problems with the digital environment like Citrix etc. The IT department is doing a good job; they fixed all issues within a day.  

Furthermore, we have regular virtual coffee breaks with the team. In my opinion, it is essential during these tough times to socialise and connect with colleagues." 

To sum it up, he feels very welcome at Amberg. He is in touch and connected with his superiors and colleagues and is all set up at home. 

Nevertheless, Georgios Alexis hopes also to meet his colleagues in person soon.  Amberg wishes Georgios Alexis a good start and all the best for the future.  

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