WHERE Berlin, Germany
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With geodesy as a service provider for spatially related geometric information for planning, construction and documentation of existing buildings, this annual seminar serves to impart new knowledge and facilitate the interdisciplinary exchange of experience.

This year's topics range from national and international large-scale projects to BIM in infrastructure (including BIM working methods, 3D track surveying, Stuttgart 21 project, surveying procedures for rail vehicles, kinematic surveying and photogrammetry for railway superstructure planning, interactive 3D routing, metro project in Qatar and open track geodata).  

Meet our experts from Amberg Technologies at their booth.

Please also visit our lecture held, Friday, February 22, 2019 at 9.50 a.m. (Session 1: National Projects / Measurements / Monitoring) on the topic: GeoMonitoring of the DB tracks in Rastatt and Ingolstadt - Seamless safety thanks to the latest sensor technology
Speaker: Michael Buri, Head of Geoengineering at Amberg Technologies