WHERE Berlin, Germany
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New challenges arise in the industry as tunnelling projects become more ambitious, aiming at longer and deeper tunnels in a complex geology which was previously considered impassable. The event will gather a wide range of professionals from the field of civil engineering in order to discuss a pressing demand for a faster and safer tunnel construction technology. Learn from the best tunnelling practices around the world, get ample opportunities for networking, and share your ideas about the future of tunnelling technologies.

Key Practical Learning Points

  • Tunnel construction under sensitive structures
  • Geothermal energy from tunnels
  • Innovations in TBM technology
  • Tunnel design in BIM environment
  • New contractual standard for tunnelling and underground works (The Emerald Book)
  • Ground settlements and contingencies for NATM tunnelling in urban environment
  • Digital technology for the assessment of tunnel safety
  • Tunnel collapse and remedial work