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British Tunnelling Society conference 2022

Keynote speech with urgent message

The focus of the recent British Tunnelling Society’s conference held in London from 10-11 October 2022 was on how to work towards more sustainable ways of planning, designing, constructing and operating underground infrastructure.

This British Tunnelling Society “BTS 2022” event combined a high-profile two-day conference with the UK’s largest tunnelling and underground space exhibition.

Industry professionals were able to see world-class suppliers, and experience the very latest in tunnelling technology, including equipment, processes, ancillary services, and technical support.

Invited as keynote speaker, Antonia Cornaro, our expert underground space presented cutting edge examples of underground facilities and structures that benefit society by contributing to the sustainable development goals (SDGs); designed in a ways that are energy efficient, multi-use and with flexibility for future uses in mind. Swiss and Amberg examples included Cargo sous terrain, Edge Computing Underground and the Waferfab Chip factory.

“Down to the Next Level” was ITA president Arnold Dix ‘s keynote talk, stating that “the tunnelling industry must embrace, master, measure and communicate the advantages of going underground using modern concepts, language and metrics” (TJ).“We are constructors not destructors” and “the world needs us now” were some of the urgent messages Arnold shared with the BTS audience.

Several interesting presentations followed with examples and methods on how to improve the carbon footprint of the tunnelling industry.

Link to Conference Programme: https://www.btsconference.com/conference/british-tunnelling-society-speaker-programme/


Read more about the even in the article by Tunnelling journal below: https://tunnellingjournal-com.cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/tunnellingjournal.com/british-tunnelling-society-conference-2022/amp/

This is what Amberg Engineering is committed to in terms of sustainability: https://ambergengineering.com/about-us/sustainability