Zusammen mit Han Admiraal von Enprodes, hat Antonia Cornaro von Amberg Engineering AG ein Buch zum Thema Entwicklung von Raum Untertag mit dem Titel "Underground Spaces Unveiled: Planning and Creating the Cities of the Future" verfasst, welches soeben vom ICE (Institution of Civil Engineers) publiziert wurde.

Das Buch wurde erstmals anlässlich der CORP Tagung in Wien am 4. April 2018 und anschliessend am Think Deep UK (TDUK) Workshop in London am 18. April 2018 sowie an der Open Session World Tunnel and Underground Space Congress in Dubai am 24. April 2018 präsentiert.
Die nächsten Buch-Präsentationen werden am ICE GLobal Engineering Congress in London (24.-26. Oktober 2018), sowie am World ACUUS Congress in Hong Kong (5.-7. November 2018) stattfinden.

Erfahren Sie mehr über das neu veröffentlichte Buch auf unserer englischen Newsseite.

The book was also presented during the World ACUUS Congress on "Integrated Underground Solutions in Compact Metropolitan Cities in Hong Kong" on 7 November 2018, during a full plenum presentation to urbanists, architects, engineers, from industry and academia, as well as policy makers, highlighting various examples and chapters from their book.
During a separate presentation during the conference on "investment-ready and bankable underground spaces", based on their book Chapter 7, the authors Antonia and Han sparked some interesting discussion points amongst the audience. On the final conference day, they also held a full plenum book presentation on "Underground spaces unveiled: planning and creating the cities of the future". 
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During the ICE Global Engineering Congress in London on 24 October the authors presented on inclusive underground spaces and held a book signing session in presence of the publisher in the Institution's of Civil Engineers esteemed library. 

At the Annual ISOCARP International Planner Congress  on Cool Planning, held in Bodo, Norway, from 1-5 October, the authors were bestowed with the prestigious GERD ALBERS AWARD 2018 in Category of BEST BOOK. More info

Listen to the acceptance speech here. Further presentations in 2019 are planned in London, Naples, and Shanghai.

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Felix Amberg being presented with the newly published book by Antonia Cornaro.

Book endorsement by Felix Amberg

"In the future more and more people will live in urban areas. The use of the third dimension not only skywards but also into the underground will form an essential part in urban and city development and of Smart Cities. This use of the Underground Space will go far beyond the traditional and well known practice of metro, railway and road tunnels and will include usages which by today’s standards are still being considered 'unconventional'. The well written and comprehensive book of Antonia Cornaro and Han Admiraal gives a deeper insight into this context and through various examples shows what this vision may look like in real applications.

For the companies of the Amberg Group the perspective of an intensified use of the Underground Space offers significant opportunities to which we can respond in a very competent way, due to the unique composition of our Group and the wide experience and expertise of our team."

Felix Amberg, President and Owner of the Amberg Group

About the authors

Han Admiraal has been active in the field of underground space for over 20 years. A civil engineer by training, he worked for the Netherlands Government and as a professor at Zeeland university of Applied Science. Currently he works as an independent consultant in this field. He is Co-chair of the International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association’s Committee on Underground Space (ITACUS) and internationally recognised as a thought leader in this field.

Antonia Cornaro, a New York trained urban planner, has worked in urban and transportation planning in New York, London, Vienna and Zurich. Since 2010 she works for Amberg Enginerering, where she specialises in underground infrastructure, focussing on Urban Underground Space with the aim to increase mobility, liveability and resilience of urban areas. This is also central to her work as Co-chair of ITACUS. She has published and presented extensively, often jointly with Han Admiraal on this topic. This is her first book.

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