Project description

JTC Corporation, a land developer owned by the Singapore government, is assessing the feasibility of using an underground Inter-estate Goods Mover System (IGMS) for the transportation of containers from the currently under construction Tuas Port in the west of Singapore to a series of proposed underground developments; Jurong Innovation District (Jurong West), Tanjong Kling and Gali Batu.

The proposed facility at Gali Batu is in granite bedrock, which is favourable for the construction of large caverns requiring minimum support.

The facilites at Gali Batu are intended to be used by JTC tenants for data centres, manufacturing facilities, warehousing operations and as a quasi-dry port for the processing of containers that are delivered using the IGMS.

Amberg Loglay has been tasked with:

  • Market Research and Analysis
  • Defining User Requirements
  • Estimating potential cavern user demand
  • Providing logistic inputs for cavern arrangement design and construction phasing

Amberg Engineering has been tasked with:

  • Numerical analysis of various cavern sizes to optimise the cavern cross-section
  • Optimising rock cover to cavern crown
  • Spacing of caverns in a multi-level configuration


  • Inability to compare with an existing commercial underground facility in Singapore.