Our industry is highly fragmented and we have to think over long periods of time. That is why we have not been able to benefit from the progress like all the other industries. Until now!
Today,  we can integrate any data, any application and any system to drive better, real data-driven decisions.





The core of digitalisation is data and not only documents. The problem we face is that Information is incomplete and inaccessible. This way we can’t get to better, data-based decisions.
How do we connect separate data silos? And how do we achieve independence from software and ensure that we can still access the things years from now? 

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We free siloed data and use state of the art technology to bring insights to the next level.

We like and link data, people and graphics. We shift the focus from files to the granular data-level. Based on Open source we push the idea of a intelligent ecosystem of data-driven AEC apps. Data analytics is the idea to gain insights, as a service or standalone software. 

Data Analytics

Internet of Things basically means making all kind of item "speak“. We can include any kind of sensor independently of hardware manufacturers. We also integrate existing solutions by creating a virtual match into our graph based technology to create a smooth and streamlined service process.

Internet of Things

We go with the CDBB gemini principles and combine any drawing, BIM model, 3D scan and other geometric sources of information with live data. Our digital twin will represent physical reality at a level of accuracy suited to its purpose. The extent of realism will depend on the information you need, available in real-time.

Digital Twin

A linked common data environment is a p2p network of graph data bases, able to read and stream any kind of models and capable to integrate structured and unstructured data from documents or other sources. Using semantic web technologies and build on open source software it is the core of all data handling and project- or company knowledge graph.


The real benefit comes when we stop using machines to imitate what we do and use the power of a computer to support humans…We are engineers who code. We believe that Rapid Engineering and parametric Design are state of the art tools anyone should use. We call it computational design and build razor-sharp tools that get the job done.

Computational Design

In the future, BIM will not only be used and applied for new buildings. After all, 95% has already been built. BIM is also gaining importance in the inspection, repair and maintenance of facilities. Retro BIM deals with the recording and creation of an existing infrastructure project in operation. This also includes all documents and existing documentation.


A lot of the things we do is needs consulting and training. Tools, data, processes and people need to be empowered. All our expertise comes as service. We are helping building your BIM- or Digital-Strategy, we do BIM Management or we help you build your Company knowledge graph. With a step-by-step approach, we reduce the risk of wasting time and money on IT projects.

Innovation Management

Handover goes always along with loss of information. With the Information container for linked document delivery this loss can be limited.  We provide a easy way to produce ISO21597 information container to meet the needs of separating data from applications

Information Container

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Our Approach


We free siloed data and use state of the art technology to bring insights to the next level.

Data analytics and computational design starts with exploring. In the design thinking process we want to understand how people experience the problem, BEFORE thinking of a potential solution. The daily business is characterised by a multitude of incompatibilities and system breaks. We analyse and uncover ONE resulting problem.


We consider the entire solutions space. We isolate an acute aspect. For data analytics we do not change anything; we only connect what was previously separated. For computational design we develop customized prototype that proves to get the job done.


In the last step we focus on the detail. For data analytics we provide Easy-to-use dashboards provide insights into the relationships. The core can be extended with additional sources and grow into a single enterprise-wide knowledge graph. For computational design we provide manuals and trainings so you will be the master of the tool.



We are thought leaders to drives digital transformation, engineers who better like to code than to draw and architects who deep dive into data. We all strongly believe in b2b ecosystems and working in a network.

Philipp Dohmen

Corporate Chief Digital Officer

Emmanouil Argyris

Corporate Data Scientist

Abdelali Aouada

Corporate Computational Engineer



We like to share interesting aspects of our works using medium articles we present here. Each is related to our work and we hope you enjoy these insights.



We are constantly improving our expertise and we are building a b2b ecosystem to push semantic web technologies into AEC industry. If you want to know more about it, or if you want to join the network book a meeting.

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