Approx. 400 employees worldwide

Amberg provides wide-ranging business activities from interdisciplinary planning processes and project management.

Leading provider in underground infrastructure and logistic solutions

The Amberg Group combines unique knowledge and experience in all areas of underground infrastructures.

Felix Amberg

Felix Amberg (MSc Civil Engineer) has more than 30 years of management experience in engineering and technology industry. He took over the Amberg business in 1995. Today Felix Amberg heads a group of world-leading engineering and technology companies.

Felix Amberg is driven by the objective to deliver world-class infrastructure solutions: be it by creatively engineering it, delivering cutting edge technology or by running and providing R&D tests in test facilities.

In addition Felix Amberg is active member of various national and international associations like member of the steering board of Building Digital Switzerland, treasurer and member of the ExCo of ITA (International Tunnelling & Underground Space Association), Council member of ITA CET Foundation and CUC Foundation (Foundation International Centre for Geotechnics and Underground Construction). He also is member of various expert panels.

Felix Amberg has a background in civil engineering.

Dr Franz Pacher

Dr Franz Pacher is the CEO of Amberg Engineering Ltd since 2015. In this function, he is also a member of the Amberg Group executive board.

Franz Pacher obtained his doctorate in civil engineering from the University of Innsbruck and has over 30 years of experience in tunnel construction companies.

The highlights of his career include serving as technical manager on the structural work of the Gotthard Base Tunnel for the Bodio and Faido lots, as well as the technical railway equipment in the Base Tunnel. He is a member of the Swiss Tunnelling Society (STS) and the Austrian Society for Geomechanics (OEGG).

Yvette Körber

Yvette Körber is the CEO of Amberg Loglay Ltd since 2015. In this function, she is also a member of the Amberg Group executive board.

Yvette Körber has more than 20 years of management experience in logistics industries. She continuously pushes herself and others towards the application of the latest technologies and sustainable solutions.

She is Managing Partner of Loglay AG, member of the board of Cargo sous terrain, Partner and member of the Board of CargoTube AG and CEO of JamaHook AG.

Svein G. Vatslid

Svein G. Vatslid was nominated as CEO of Amberg Technologies AG in 2017. In this function, he is also a member of the Amberg Group executive board.

Svein G. Vatslid's credo is to drive innovation on all levels within Amberg Technologies. Prior to Amberg Technologies his business experience includes various management roles for multinational corporations in high-tech business environments. In addition to Europe he has lived and worked both in the USA and Asia for numerous years.

Svein G. Vatslid holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Norway and a Master degree in Business Administration (MBA) from City University Zürich and Washington

Michael Kompatscher

Dr Michael Kompatscher is the CEO of Hagerbach Test Gallery Ltd since 2017. In this function, he is also a member of the Amberg Group executive board.

Michael Kompatscher obtained his doctorate in physics/material science from the ETH Zurich and has over 15 years of experience in testing and concrete technology, construction chemicals and construction technology as well as in product management, international business development, innovation and marketing.

Prior he was in leading positions of large and medium size international active industrial enterprises.

Richard Hüsler

Richard Hüsler is the Group Controller at the Amberg Group since 2013. In this function, he is also a member of the Amberg Group executive board.

Having studied business economics at university, Richard Hüsler has over 25 years’ experience in management roles in corporate finance, accounting, business development, planning, consolidation and reporting at firms of varying sizes, including working at both listed and private companies.

Throughout his career, Richard Hüsler has always had an international outlook; as well as being an expert on the market in his homeland of Switzerland, he knows the business landscape in the Pacific region and in Central/Eastern Europe inside out. Alongside handling and evaluating current business activities, projects and investment, he focuses on implementing consistent standards for all overarching financial issues and on continuous enhancement of, and training in, processes and information systems.

Susan Amberg

Susan Amberg is the Head of IT at Amberg Group AG since 2007, and is a member of the board of directors as well as of the Amberg Group executive board.

Susan Amberg studied cultural technology and surveying at ETH, and subsequently qualified as a licensed surveyor. After holding various positions as a surveyor, she turned her attention to IT. After she trained as a systems analyst, she worked at an international electronics company, focusing on optimisation and usability of its customer-specific ERP applications.

In her position as Head of IT at Amberg Group Ltd she benefits from her experience in application development, system maintenance and customer support, which now stretches over 30 years. She stays up-to-date with technological and cultural developments through continuing education in systems, processes and languages.